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The Bulletin is the official publication of the Santa Clara County Medical Association and Monterey County Medical Society. Published six times a year, the magazine has a circulation of 4,000 and is received by all physician members, as well as many health care professionals, public officials, local and state media, community health organizations, medical schools, libraries, hospitals, and companies serving the medical community.

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For more information, please contact Pam Jensen at 408/998-8850 ext. 3012 or pjensen@sccma.org.

Editorial Policies

The Bulletin, the magazine of the Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA) and Monterey County Medical Society (MCMS), provides a forum for local physicians and medical professionals to share their knowledge about medicine and to express their views on topics of general interest. The magazine promotes the history, art, and science of medicine, along with the care and well being of patients. The articles in The Bulletin are approved by the Editorial Board; consisting of the Physician Editor, Managing Editor, President, President-Elect, and the C.E.O.

Types of Articles

The Bulletin publishes both solicited and unsolicited articles.

Solicited articles are defined as articles suggested by board members or SCCMA/MCMS staff. The managing editor is responsible for soliciting approved articles from potential authors.

Unsolicited articles are defined as articles sent to the magazine without the prior approval of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board must approve the publication of any such articles.

Unsolicited articles or article proposals must be submitted to the managing editor at the address listed below. Article proposals should explain the purpose of the proposed article and include a brief outline.

The managing editor distributes unsolicited articles and proposals to the Editorial Board for its consideration. Approval of a proposal does not imply approval of the article itself.

Authorship Requirements

By submitting a manuscript for publication, authors warrant that they take public responsibility for the manuscript and can attest to the validity of any data contained therein. Authors must also disclose any financial interests they may have in products or services described in the manuscript.

Original manuscripts published in The Bulletin become the property of the Santa Clara County Medical Association and/or the Monterey County Medical Society and are copyrighted by SCCMA/MCMS. Any requests to reprint The Bulletin articles must be approved by the managing editor. Reprints cannot be used for commercial purposes.

All submitted manuscripts are edited for grammar, style, and usage by SCCMA/MCMS staff. Manuscripts are also subject to peer review. The identities of peer reviewers are kept confidential.

Edited manuscripts are returned to the authors for final approval. Authors are responsible for all statements made in the final article, including any changes made during the editorial process.

Manuscript Requirements

Email is the preferred format for manuscript submission. If articles are sent as email attachments, they should also be copied into the email letter, in case the attachment can’t be opened. Manuscripts can also be faxed or mailed to the address below. Authors who cite studies or other types of publications must provide references for those publications.

Authors may also be asked to provide additional references, as needed. References should be identified in the text with bracketed numbers and listed at the end of the manuscript.

References to articles should include the reference number, the lead author's name, the title of the article, the name of the journal, the volume, issue and page numbers, and the year (in parentheses), as follows:

1. Moore S, et al, "Epidemiology of Failed Tobacco Control Legislation," JAMA, 272; 15:1171-1175 (1994).

References to books should include the reference number, the author's name, the title of the book, the publisher, and the year (in parentheses), as follows:

2. Keats J, The Complete Poems, Penguin (1973).

Magazine Address

All manuscripts, correspondence, and telephone calls should be directed to:
Pam Jensen, managing editor
The Bulletin
700 Empey Way
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: 408/998-8850 ext. 3012
Fax: 408/289-1064
Email: pjensen@sccma.org