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Physicians Foundation 2018 Survey Results

The Physicians Foundation has released the findings of its 2018 survey of U.S. physicians that examines a wide variety of factors impacting practice patterns, career plans and physician burnout.   With physicians in offices, emergency rooms, urgent cares, retail and other settings having an estimated one billion patient encounters a year, the survey underscores the overall impact of excessive regulatory/insurer requirements, loss of clinical autonomy and challenges with electronic health record (EHR) design/interoperability on physician attitudes toward their medical practice environment and overall dissatisfaction and burnout. Keep Reading

Verity Health System Enters into Asset Purchase Agreement with Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County has entered into an agreement to acquire O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, Calif., and Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, Calif., for $235 million Verity Health continues to actively seek potential buyers for its other hospitals All Verity Health hospitals continue to provide high-quality care to patients throughout the Chapter 11 process Verity Health System of California, Inc. (“Verity Health”), a nonprofit healthcare system, today filed a motion in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles seeking bankruptcy court approval of a procedure to obtain bids ...

Medical staff prevails in legal battle over medical staff self-governance

By Tina Tedesco Tulare, California is a small town in the Central Valley best known as the milk producing capital of America. More than half of its 60,000 residents are enrolled in Medi-Cal and served by a small, 108-bed health care district hospital – Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) – with a separate medical staff of about 175 physicians. Two years ago, this small agricultural community became ground zero in a high-profile battle testing the legal scope of a hospital medical staff’s independence and right to be self-governing. Fundamentally, the question ...

More than $40 million raised for fight over California dialysis profits and patients

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Doctor, hospital groups organize to oppose single-payer in California

A group of influential, deep-pocketed business and health care organizations that have long helped shape the legislative agenda in California have joined forces to oppose any future effort to craft a universal, single-payer health care system for the nation’s largest state. The main focus of the coalition, called “Californians against the costly disruption of our health care,” is to kill any single-payer health care bill in the state Legislature, said Ned Wigglesworth, a political strategist for the coalition. Read More...