Monday, March 19, 2018

MCMS Physicians of the Year

Criteria For MCMS Physician of the Year

  1. Loyal member of MCMS/CMA (at least for 5 years).
  2. Has made a significant contribution in the health care field. 
  3. Strong motivator and educator.
  4. Good rapport with patients.
  5. Demonstrated extraordinary professional competence.
  6. Strong role model for young physicians.

Past MCMS Physicians of the Year

1993 Eugene E. Eldredge, MD
1994 Takashi Hattori, MD
1995 Donald F. Taugher, MD
1996 June H. Dunbar, MD
1997 Donald M. Scanlom, MD
1998 William R. Lewis, MD
1999 James A. Mattison, Jr., MD
2000 Benjamin T. Richards, MD
2001 Robert L. Black, MD
2002 E. Valerie Barnes, MD
2003 Hisashi Kajikuri, MD
2004 Harold E. Rumbel, MD
2005 Mark R. Velcoff, MD
2006 Ronald C. Fuerstner, MD
2007 Eric J. Del Piero, MD
2008 Eliot Light, MD
2011 Kurt Sligar, MD
2012 Allen Radner, MD
2013 Jerry Parker, MD
2014 Alex Di Stante, MD
2015 Richard I. Murtland, MD
2016 Richard Dauphine, MD
2017        Steven Harrison, MD
2017 Glenn Hudgens, MD

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