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Second pneumococcal vaccination covered by Medicare

Second pneumococcal vaccination covered by Medicare

Incident-To Billing

Services and supplies properly provided and billed incident-to a physician’s or non-physician practitioner’s services are reimbursed at 100 percent of the Medicare fee schedule amount for Medicare beneficiaries. This provides an opportunity for practices to make the most of their auxiliary staff—but only if they adhere to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) strict incident to requirements. The following quick tips help you cover the basics.

Ear Wax Removal & Reporting 69210

Ear Wax Removal, The Question of Whether to Bill CPT 69210

2012 Seasonal Flu Coding and Fee Schedule - Medicare

Annual Part B deductible and coinsurance amounts do not apply for the influenza virus and the pneumococcal vaccinations.

Getting Paid For B12 Injections

Getting Paid for B12 Injections

2013 New Psychotherapy Billing Codes

Beginning Jan. 1, 2013 all mental health providers must use new CPT codes for psychotherapy when billing insurance carriers, including Medicare.

Separately Billing E/M Visits With Procedures

Billing for E/M visits and procedures on the same day.

Using Modifier 22 Correctly

When applied properly, modifier 22 "unusual procedural service," allows a provider to recover reimbursement above and beyond the regular payment for a difficult or time-consuming procedure.